Friday, 20 April 2012

Hive Check 17 April

Yet again we had to do a reverse rain dance and change check days this week to catch a break in the rain. Phil Clara Lis and Joseph went through the hive to see if the bees had brought on the playcup any further to create a new queen. The answer is (luckily) no. There were plenty of play cups (ringed in red) but nothing in them, this is a sign that they will go onto to produce a queen cell when the time is right. Hopefully not for another few weeks to ensure there is an adequate supply of drones at sexual maturity to fertilise her. After a false start the bees rediscovered the syrup feed now spaced a way above their nest through the queen excluder but they haven't drawn out the new foundation in the super. Ill check again next week. Unfortunately the ants have also discovered the feed some at their peril. This will not harm the bees but not nice esthetically. We saw eggs, even more brood and the queen.Pray for a sunny spell next week so we can do a more leisurely check without chilling the brood

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