Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hive Check 20 June

Paul, Yasir Joseph and briefly, Razia came today. We were particularly keen to check one of the hives for Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus. We could not see any signs of it, however the bee numbers are very very low. We couldn't see the queen and although there were a few sealed and unsealed drone brood there were signs that a worker had been laying infertile eggs (this can happen in the queens absence). We will check again and perhaps if there are no further signs of the virus we will combine the 2 hives next week.

 The other hive however is going strong with eggs and brood. Yasir took some photos on his phone which just about show eggs and the new queen. He even managed to video the new queen. Shes very nippy so blink and shes gone

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