Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hive Check 6 June 2012

After many weeks of rain, artificial and stranger swarms, Joseph Susan Yasir and I completed a full check. As the hives had been queenless for 2-3 weeks the number of bees had dropped considerably. The queen normally lies 1,000- 2,000 eggs per day so without these and natural wastage the numbers were low. In the new hive there were signs of eggs and brood but very low stores. The numbers were lower still in the original hive, there were signs of some brood but no eggs so its suspected that the queen has stopped laying due to low food supplies. Although there is plenty of forage in the spring there is what is known as the 'June gap' when the nectar flow has stopped from spring blooms but summer flowers are not yet out. I will put a feeder on both hives to get them going again. This may mean a low-no honey crop this year, it all depends on the weather from here. This is the same for all beekeepers this year all are reporting strange behaviour and the need for feeding

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