Monday, 15 April 2013

First Check of the Season 15 April

Ready for the volunteer session, Joseph Rachel and I did a quick check on the hive. The good news is that the bees are numerous and look in good health and that the queen has started laying, there was evidence of both sealed and unsealed brood, we didn't see the queen and was not really trying to but shes certainly been there recently. They still had some of their own stores and the fondant was still there. There was lots of pollen so they are certainly finding flowers.

We want to change a couple of the older brood frames, notably one that's the queens favourite for laying in so we've done the ground work for next week when we will put on a second brood box to trick her away from them. Sorry didn't manage to get a photo as I only took my phone and could make the touch screen work through my gloves. Doh!

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