Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hive Check 16 May

Sorry no pictures I was on my own as we had to cancel yesterday due to the cold and high winds. The bees were very happy in the sun and were fair good tempered while I dismantled their home. I looked through and saw lots of brood and some stores. I even spotted the queen, a first on my own!

There were a few playcups but no eggs inside, there is a growing number of drone brood so to give the bees more space and lessen the chance of swarming I put on a super and queen excluder. This is a shallow box of foundation wax that the bees will hopefully fill with honey, the queen excluder will prevent the queen from moving up and laying eggs in the cells so we should be able to extract the honey easily. I gave them some syrup to aid the drawing out of the comb and closed up. Only one varroa on the board

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