Thursday, 17 October 2013

Final Invasive Visit

Paz and I had the hive open for the last time this year. As I forgot last week (Doh!) we went down today just to turn the hive round to 'the warm way' (see last weeks entry). Its was a lovely sunny day and the girls were out busily collecting bright orange pollen (I cant claim responsibility for the photo). I had a trawl on the web and it could be from Golden Rod or Ivy. This is a fun chart, you can shut various season off to see what pollen might be about. Ill do an external visual check over the next few months just to check that the entrance is clear and in December to top up the fondant.
Its very sad to close up for the last time this year as a new beekeeper will have the pleasure of opening up next year (hopefully Ill be able to help though)

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  1. Sad indeed Tina! Thanks for all your amazing hard work and dedication, I'm sure the bees will miss you.