Sunday, 8 April 2012

First Full Check of the Year 28 March

We managed to get a full check completed. We managed to see brood and eggs but no queen, although were happy that she was there. There was another play cup but no egg. Although we are hoping to create a second colony from an 'artificial swarm', we would not want to find a queen cell at this point as there are not yet enough drones around to fertilise the new queen. They have some stores but had not yet started to draw out the new foundation.

Ive been putting plants in the beds on the terrace but unfortunately my efforts to plant bee friendly seeds around the education building have been continually hampered by all the beds being mulched! We have assurances that the bee terrace will be left, although the windows are currently being painted so all the beds under that have been seeded are now covered in burnt off paint.
I surrender!

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