Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hive Check 18 June

Just Paul and me and Paul's camera this week. We still cant open the new colony for at least another week to allow the new queen to go on her mating flight and return to start laying. We topped up their syrup as they have few foraging bees now.

We checked the original colony, they were very calm and numerous. They seem to be building stores and although we didn't see the queen we did see lots of brood and eggs so shes about and busy. No varroa to be seen again

There are more drones now, usually about 500 of them by the height of the season. They are bigger than workers with a rounder bottom and bigger eyes, picture right. A few pathetic play cups (above) which I took out but otherwise they were doing well. Hopefully more flowers will start to bloom and they will start to build their stores. Plan to open the new hive next week and see whats occurring!

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