Friday, 28 June 2013

Hive Check 26 June

Paul, Joseph, Paz joined me this week. We had a look in the new hive to see if the new queen had started laying. No was the answer to that! Its not unusual for new queens to hold off laying until all the brood from the previous queen are hatched so we'll wait another week or so before taking any action. They had put down some stores and we are still feeding them.
We checked the other hive too, not much going on in there either, a few larvae and lots of brood but no eggs, there must have been something in the air last week!

Didn't see either queen, it was a bad week! However we did see the birth of a new bee, you can just see its antenna emerging from the cell above.

We fed the new hive and closed up. There were reports of 'bees in the air' shortly after but there was no sign later, we shall see at the next check if there was a swarm. We did see a torn down QC in the new hive and several play cells but perhaps there was a QC hidden, Paul spotted this when he developed the photos, we were looking at the hole as a play cup but there could easily have been a QC behind it.

To paraphrase Gollum 'Bees is tricksy'

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