Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hive Check 17 July 31 degrees!

Its been an interesting 2 weeks. About a month ago we noticed that the old hive queen had stopped laying, no eggs the following couple of week too. The newly hatched queen in the new hive had been there a month without signs of fertility. I should have held my nerve and listened to Martin, but I bought a mated queen bee on the Internet!! She arrived in a poly bag in a little box with a few attendant bees and I rushed her down to the hive where the obvious had happened, the original queen had restarted laying, and judging by today, laying up a storm. Ah well I thought, Ill put her in the new hive but again that queen had beaten me to the punch and was also laying.
2 hives 3 queens that wont work.
Eventually I found her a home with Martin she shes now producing bees that are buzzing back and forth in the Richmond area.

The good news today is when Paz and I did an inspection, due to the flowers now fully in bloom and the good weather we have lots of eggs and brood and.......WE HAVE HONEY!! and barring accidents we should have some to taste soon.

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