Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hive Check 24 July

We had a bumper attendance today, Joseph, Rachel, Paul (on camera), Bulent and Burhanuddin. The hot weather has certainly spurred the bees on, both hives were heaving with brood, bees and honey. The new super I put on last Thursday is largely full and the new hive extra brood frames full of honey.
Ill put another 2 supers on tomorrow. I invested in the kit to mark the queens so we can easily spot them but didnt see either today, red obviously isn't their colour.

In the frame below you can see the honey, mostly capped and at the right consistency.
We did have a casualty, Paul was stung while taking the shots but like any true professional he carried on and extracted the sting to make a great photo. We'll keep the supers on while the weather lasts to extract every last gram of nectar. If there's a prolonged wet spell the bees will of course dig into their stores lets hope it remains dry.

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