Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hive Check 24 August and Supplemental 27 August

Sorry forgot my camera again. Alex Lucy Julie and Joseph assisted. We couldn't see any eggs but after a search managed to find the queen. Egg laying would normally slow at this time of year as the bees look towards building their stores for the winter ahead. Stores are improving but we are still having to feed them with an increased concentration of syrup. We may have to feed them with 'Bee Candy', a solid form of the syrup, over the winter to help them survive the cold months.

I came up on Saturday to put on some Apiguard. This is a treatment for varroa containing Thymol. It is put on the hive for 2 weeks at the end of honey production and again in the spring. Its environmentally friendly and safe for the bees. Photos tomorrow!

I went for a walk in the Isabella Plantation Saturday afternoon, there were many honey bees on the heather near the bottom pond, I know Martin, our Bee Consultant also keeps bees nearby but Id like to think that some were our girls too. They've been coming back with bright red pollen, any idea what sort of plant it could come from?

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