Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hive Check 31 August

Joseph, Jane and Luke came today, it was warmer on the terrace than I thought it was going to be, I'd gone prepared with a cloth to put over the open hive to keep the heat in but it wasn't necessary. There were 4-5 day old brood clearly visable so we just didn't notice the eggs last week , Joseph spotted some new eggs and we saw the queen. They (or someone had) emptied the water fountain so I hope that's been a success.

The bees had been taking the Apiguard treatment and we counted 13 Varroa on the board so its certainly working. Ill put another one on next week to complete the treatment, Martin is going to come and have a look and see if we need to treat for Nosema which can be a problem over the winter.

We gave them some more concentrated feed to encourage a late surge in egg production. Their numbers seem to have increased which is good news as theyll need a certain number to survive the winter. They are building their stores but we will probably have to feed them the delightfully named 'Bee Candy' over the winter to help them out.

We closed up and left them to settle.

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