Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hive Check 28 September

It was another beautiful afternoon, far too hot for bee suits, Joseph, Julie, Elise and Jackie braved the heat. Classes are in full swing and although there are a lot of bees in the air they didn't seem very interested in the classrooms so windows were open to capture a breeze.

The bees were very busy bringing in pollen, preparing for the winter months ahead and far too preoccupied to bother us. We managed to see everything again, except eggs, there was a lot of sealed brood so that's hopeful for bee numbers for the winter. Their stores are coming along but we are still feeding them syrup and will go over to bee candy once they stop flying as it gets a bit colder.
The queen was very camera shy and rushed off to the other side of the frame every time we tried to snap her, so we topped up the syrup and water fountain and left them in peace. Once the weather takes a permanent turn, checks will taper off although we will do an occasional visual check.

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