Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hive Check 5 October

We had company today, Kingston Green Radio came along to record a maintenance check and to find out more about our bees. One of the team suited up and watched at close hand and handled one of the frames. It was much cooler today and quite windy but the bees were in a fairly good mood, only getting a bit tetchy after 20 minutes when they felt their roof had been off quite long enough!
Their stores are really building, they must have been working hard during the good weather last week. We put on some syrup but it may well be the last as it looks like the temperature is set to fall more permanently and the bees will become less active once its consistantly below 15 degrees. Thats when we'll consider the bee candy. We saw a lot of brood mostly capped but we didnt see any eggs or the queen but as the bees were calm she must have been there somewhere.Another first, the smoker was still alight at the end of session!
Not sure when we'll be broadcast but the bees buzz was recorded so i'll post when I know

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