Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Winter Visual Check 1- 5 December 2011

On Friday I did a quick visual check on the hive, unsuited as I expected the bees to be keeping warm inside. I peered into the entrance to check that it was clear of dead bees. As I looked in a bee emerged at light speed and flew over my shoulder. It seems our hive spot has its own micro climate which affords the bees a few extra days flying. There were a few dead bees on the landing at the front of the hives were the bees had been doing some house tidying, this is to be expected.

I inserted the varroa board to do a spot count. On removal on Tuesday I counted 9 which is about 2 per day so nothing to worry about yet. If numbers climb we will treat them with an acetic acid solution to keep numbers down.

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